Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby is a fast-paced and physical team sport for athletes who have disability that affects both legs and arms. Wheelchair Rugby is very tactical contact sport combining elements from other team sports such as rugby, football, basketball, handball and ice hockey.

Wheelchair Rugby is played on a basketball sized court with teams of four players. There are 8 x 1,75 metre goal areas at the both ends of the court. The aim is to carry the ball accross the opposing team's goal line. Playing time is 4 x 8 minutes.

The defending team must have no more than three players in their goal area while defending it. Attacking team's player can't be in the goal arena more than 10 seconds at a time. Attacking team have 40 seconds to score a goal. If they don't, the possession of the ball goes to the opposing team. The player in possession of the ball must dribble or pass the ball at least once every 10 seconds.

Wheelchair Rugby players compete in manual wheelchairs specifically designed for the sport. There are different wheelchairs for attacking and defending players. The game is played with a white ball, similar to a volleyball but with stickier surface material. 

IWRF Basic Rules of the Game